Maths Infinite Software

Below are the full packages with approximate total file sizes, £100 (GBP) (Approx. $125) per year or for the life of your laptop/computer, plus all additions and updates included. They are packed into manageable downloads. Unpack them (with WinRar) – now automatically unpacks and overwrites any existing files, install on C:/Mathsuperstore. Just run each download and they will unpack into the correct location.

Download the files first and then activate them, use the PayPal button bellow. If one file is activated all files will all be activated. Always look for updates, they are always included in the cost. Currently 442 files . £100 (GBP)  per year or for the life of your laptop/computer.

Additional files in 2017
(Algebra 3 files added) (Data & Probability 18 files added)
(Number 43 files added) (Shape & Space 2 files added)
Future Updates added to the ‘Updates Package 7 files’ (39 files added)
Now less than 23p per file

Contents PDF

Download and Activate video below the PayPal button

Package 1 (Algebra 61 files) approx. 556MB 32-bit                      Package 1 (Algebra 61 files) approx. 702MB 64-bit

Package 2 (Data & Probability 33 files) approx. 119MB 32-bit       Package 2 (Data & Probability 33 files) approx. 151MB 64-bit

Package 3 (Shape 57 files) approx. 281MB 32-bit                        Package 3 (Shape 57 files) approx. 355MB 64-bit

Package 4 (Number 113 files) approx. 418MB 32-bit                                     Package 4 (Number 113 files) approx. 128MB 64-bit

Package 5 (Number 66 files) approx. 323MB 32-bit                                 Package 5 (Number 66 files) approx. 410MB 64-bit

Package 6 (Number 52 files) approx. 255MB 32-bit                                      Package 6 (Number 52 files) approx. 325MB 64-bit

Package 7 (Updates from 5/1/2017) (60 Files) 241MB 32-bit            Package 7 (Updates from 5/1/2017) (60 Files) 306MB 64-bit

Sample Videos

Don’t forget your free Who Want’s to be a Millionaire Game (very hard – always updated)

Who Want’s to be a Millionaire 32-bit              Who Want’s to be a Millionaire 64-bit

There may seem to be a lot less files than last year, but if you look at the free sample you will see a new ‘add values’ button. This allows you to set the parameters of the worksheets produced. Now over 80 files have this feature: but also gives more, as you can set much higher numbers and easily differentiate to your specific requirements. Other files have been combined and more are to be combined, so less files and MB size, but always with more functionality, so far over 140 files have been incorporated into other files.