Maths Videos

Infinite Software Package     (Includes Kindergarten Maths Free)  (442 files at 8/4/2017)

Aural Tests
Area Fill in the Blocks
Bar Charts 
Calculate the Value of Logs
Caterpillar Worksheets
Maths Checkers / Draughts Game Four Rules

Colour the Multiples
Crossword Addition
Countdown Easy
Counting Any Number Line
Counting on Number Lines
Difference Pyramids
Fill in Tables
How Many Equations Equal
Input and Output
How Many Totals
Lets Compare

Magic Squares 4×4
Mazes Tables and Multiples
Multiplication Grids
Number Crossword Fill in the Data

Pythagoras Hypotenuse
Reading Scales

Strike it Lucky Basic Equations
Strike it Lucky Logarithms (Game)
Tree Addition and Subtraction

What’s Missing 3×3
Wheel of Fortune (Plenary/Starter)

Whiteboard Sheets (21 files at 8/4/2017)

Math Mocks (1 files at 8/4/2017)

Math Mock Exam

Computer sheets      (Self Marking for Study and Assessment)  (5 files at 8/4/2017)

Computer Sheets Self Study
Four Rules Multi-Choice

Infinite Software Package for Kindergarten   (19 files at 8/4/2017)

Adding Squares up to 9
Before and After Numbers
Caterpillar Worksheets
Maths Maze
Number Tracing
Odd and Even Numbers Sweet Jar 

Games   (17 files at 8/4/2017)  Includes all subject games

Bingo Equations
Blockbusters Four Rules (Game)
Countdown Easy
Slide Puzzle Game
Snakes and Ladders Equations
Strike it Lucky Maths Game 
Spin the Wheel Game