Free Download and Use

British Sign Language 32-bit                                                 British Sign Language 64-bit

American Sign Language 32-bit                                             American Sign Language 64-bit

Sign Language Fonts 

The Fonts will install the required fonts, not included in Windows. The file has the digital signature.

It will unpack to C:/Windows/Fonts (It will ask if you want to allow it to change your computer settings, if you don’t like this, you can change the destination folder, then select the font you need and install it manually)

Then the worksheets will work, after restarting Excel.

Some windows settings won’t install it automatically, most will.
If not go to C:/Windows/Fonts locate the font
‘Sign 1’ or ‘”MSS Sign Alphabet 1″ for American
‘Sign 1’ or ‘”MSS Sign British” for British
double click it and install.

Then use the font to type in other applications, Using capital letters for each letter.

Important:- To use more than one Language unpack each and rename the destination folder. They will all unpack to C:/Math Super Store/Sign Language and overwrite all existing files